The reason we are here is so people get to know that God is real.

Most people have the wrong view of the wonderful God we serve. The reason we exist is for us and the people around us to connect with Him through Jesus and really have an encounter with Him. Not just through words and meetings but to actually encounter Him as a real, loving, kind, generous, helpful God who is very interested in them. We would like to come into new levels of intimacy with Him through creative worship and a lifestyle that engages with people in our community. We want to welcome the way the Holy Spirit does things and the many surprises he has in store. More than anything else that we do, we want closeness and an intimacy with God to be the main thing.


How are we going to make that happen?

To get intimate with God we first need to get to know Him. As we get intimate with Him we’re going to want to be doing what matters to Him (loving Him and loving others) and go where He goes. So the way we’re going to make this happen is by KNOWING God, LOVING people, and GOING where He sends us. 


The main aim of our coming together is to know God. Not just about Him, but Him! An atmosphere of creative worship helps us focus on Him and encounter His Spirit. Teaching, getting together in smaller groups to share stories about Him from the Bible and also telling each other our own experiences as we follow Him, all help us get to know Him. 


Jesus said the world will know we are His disciples by the way we love one another. Our love for Jesus will be expressed through worship, and our love for one another will be expressed through our relationships (community). More than just church meeting times, we want to become a family of believers that shares each other’s burdens and celebrates each other’s successes. 


We want to invite everyone we can into that family. From every area of life that we ourselves are involved in, and sometimes from places not so familiar to us. Jesus met the needs of those he met. In the same way, we want to have kindness-outreaches, taking practical help where it is needed, nearer us or much further away. We have a lovely place to meet but don’t want to be hidden in there when this world desperately needs to encounter the transforming love of Jesus.